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Fermented Milk Products from All Over the World. Chaas (India)

If you know what buttermilk is, then you will be able to imagine how chaas is. Chaas is a liquid, drinkable form of yogurt, prepared and enjoyed in India. It is made by churning plain yogurt, known as dahi, with cold water, in a pot. A special tool is used for this process, called “madhani” that can be translated as “whipper”, which helps with the manual churning of chaas. So, yogurt and water are the main ingredients of chaas, which is churned until it reaches a foamy consistency. It can be enjoyed plain, as it is, or spices may be added, according to personal preferences. While fresh yogurt can be used for the preparation of chaas, people in India prefer using yogurt that is several days old and has begun to go sour. In fact, preparing chaas is the best way to get rid of old yogurt without tossing it into the trash. The sour and tangy flavor chaas gets due to the using of yogurt that sat in the fridge for a few days is highly appreciated among consumers. A bit of salt is added for taste, but other seasonings can be used as well, like roasted cumin seeds, grated ginger, mustard seeds, curry leaves, and other.

When preparing chaas, it is good to mix the desired spices with the yogurt you will use, as a first step. Just make sure to choose a bowl that provides suffering space, as you will need to add water to this mixture as well. Add water to the mixture, which depends on how liquid you want the chaas to be, and start churning it. If you don’t have specific Indian tools for it, like a valonu or madani, you can use a whisk and even a hand blender. The idea is to churn the mixture until it gets frothy. Before serving it, it is best to allow it to chill in the fridge for a while. Most people in India enjoy chaas with their meals, as a refreshing beverage.

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