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Ayran (salty smoothie for hot summer days)

Ayran salty smoothie for hot summer days

This refreshing drink is perfect for rehydrating on a hot summer day. Mixed with salt, Ayran is a yogurt drink blended to perfection in seconds and served cold. It pairs perfectly with hot meals, pastries for breakfast, and some combine even with whiskey or other spirits like vodka or sambuca (depending on the location). It contains 3 main ingredients: yogurt(for better gut health), water(for best hydration on sweaty days and salt( replenish the minerals lost after sweating)

Total time to prepare – 2 minutes with a blender or mixer and 5 minutes if you have none.

Servings 4 serves or 1L of Ayran


Kitchen Blender or just a tablespoon(or whisk) to stir it well.


- 500 g natural yogurt(homemade or not)

- 2-3 cups cold water (this may vary as more water is felt better on hot days)

- 1 pinch of sea salt (or any salt), depending on your taste

Optional ingredients: a handful of ice cubes, finely chopped mint, finely diced cucumber, and a pinch of black pepper.


Place natural yogurt, cold water, sea salt in a blender, and any of your chosen optional ingredients. Mix until the ingredients are combined, and the drink is frothy. This should be around 10-20 seconds. Serve chilled. If you don’t have a blender or similar device, place all ingredients in a large bowl and stir well for a few minutes.

Some tips and tricks

Use soda water instead of still water to help your ayran become nice and frothy after blending! This will also add a little tingle to each sip!

You can add some finely diced cucumber, mint, or crushed thyme for extra flavour.

Add some ice cubes before blending for an icy crunch.

Add a sprinkling of cracked black pepper for a spicy hit.


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