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Instant tips. The incubation times

To make yogurt, you need to allow fermentation to take place in the whole dairy milk or soy milk.

The incubation time cannot be defined with precision, as it depends on the following conditions –

  • Type of milk

  • Type of yogurt maker

  • Temperature

  • Is it first batch with starter and milk, known as activation, or you perform a re-culture, using ready-made yogurt from the first batch as a starter, plus milk.

  • The surrounding temperature also impacts the timing.

So, the time for incubation when making a first batch with starter and electric maker is between 10-16 hours, slightly more in some cases.

Again, the time for incubation when making the first batch with non-electric maker or any kind of insulated hot water flask, will be between 16-24 hours. You can speed things up if you replace the water in the yogurtmaker with slightly hotter one after a while (but not boiling one).

The re-cultivation – when using ready-made yogurt as starter and milk, it always takes 3-6 hours, as long as you can maintain the temperature at the required level.

Please do not forget to remove the lids of the jars, (in case you use yogurtmaker with many containers), during incubation, as this distributes the temperature better and speeds up the process.

Some will say that the process is rather confusing. There’s no need to worry – after a few successful attempts, you will get to know the right timing and will never see this as a problem.

Just pay a bit of attention the first few times. Afterward it will be very easy.

For additional info, please visit our website, blog, forum, and YogurtApp or check out the other videos, which explain the fermentation stages and offer more details.

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