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How to re-culture yogurt and/or Kefir?

Yogurt and kefir are made through the fermentation of whole dairy milk, triggered by lacto bacteria and combination of lactobacteria and yeast in the case of Kefir.

When using freeze-dried starter, the bacteria is introduced into a state of “hibernation” for long-term preservation, you will need to awake them first to make yogurt. This may take a bit longer, but when it’s done the obtained yogurt is called “mother culture” and it is one degree creamier and usually milder in taste.

You can take anywhere between 1 teaspoon to 3 tablespoons from the first batch or “mother culture” and mix with whole milk for another batch of yogurt. Then incubate for just 3-6 hours or a bit more if needed.

Once it’s set, please refrigerate and enjoy whenever you want.

Important note: refrigeration will only stop the fermentation and it will not thicken the yogurt. So, please make sure that your yogurt is thick before putting it in the fridge.

Important note regarding the Kefir: The freeze-dried starter of kefir does not form visible grains(at least not in the first few generations). Just take a spoon or two and mix with milk. Then you can re-culture again and again, repeating the procedure.

Please pay attention and refrigerate immediately after it thickens, to avoid incubating it for too long and obtaining an extra sour taste.

For more info, please visit our website, blog, forum and YogurtApp or check out the other videos.

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