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Fermented Milk Products From All Over the World • Ayran (Turkic countries)

In Turkic countries, the summer can bring scorching temperatures, but the people here found a great way to quench their thirst and hydrate their bodies while maintaining a good state of health. The answer lies in ayran, a refreshing beverage made out of plain yogurt, water, and salt.

The beverage contains no alcohol and it is the best way to rapidly restore the electrolytic balance in your body because when we sweat we also lose a lot of salts besides water. Thus, ayran is a great alternative to the traditional glass of water. It as a slightly sour taste, which makes it great for high temperatures. It is easy and fast to prepare, the proportions of water and yogurt depending on the preferred thickness of the beverage. Besides drinking it to stay hydrated, people in Turkic countries also have it with meals, as it helps digestion due to its probiotic content.

Of course, it is served chilled, which helps in particular with spicy foods. Still, do bear in mind that, even if it is served all of the Turkic countries, it may have a different name, depending on the country you are visiting.

As mentioned earlier, it is very easy to prepare ayran at home. All you need is plain yogurt, water, and salt. If you can use homemade yogurt, it is even better. The ingredients can be stirred with the help of a blender, hand mixer, or by simply putting them in a jar, closing the lid, and shaking it very well. You can use 2 cups of yogurt and 1 cup of water for starters, but feel free to adjust the quantities if you like it thicker or thinner. Also, if you would like to obtain a thick layer of foam on top, replace plain water with sparkling water. Salt is added to taste, depending on how salty you want your ayran to be.

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