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Instant tips and instant troubleshooting. What to do when everything goes wrong?

If the yogurt does not set in your first attempt – please:

Contact us at, on our Facebook or Twitter account or on our YogurtApp first and/or watch the videos from start to the end.

If the videos don’t offer the info you need to make things right, then contact us at

The main reasons for failure are:

  1. The used milk. Please remember that in order to make authentic yogurt and kefir at home the milk must be whole (full-fat) and free of preservatives and additives.

  2. If you have not made it before, you need to have a yogurt making device, at least until you understand the process and develop sufficient patience during fermentation.

To make yogurt and milk kefir with freeze-dried starter you need to:

  1. Take 1L of whole milk, free of preservatives and additives. Repeating info here is done on purpose, as some people do not use milk at all.

  2. Boil it well before use.

  3. Cool it down and mix it with the starter. Stir well and leave it for a few minutes.

  4. Transfer to the maker and incubate. The incubation time depends on the met conditions. The first batch needs more time, between 12-16 hours with the electric maker, even 24 if not using an electric maker. The second batch prepared with ready-made yogurt from the first batch, plus milk, needs just 3-6 hours regardless of the maker’s type.

  5. Once it’s set, refrigerate immediately as this will stop further fermentation. Please note that the yogurt needs to be thick before putting it in the fridge. The fridge does not thicken the yogurt.

  6. Re-culture again as this time the incubation will take 3-6 hours only.

The kefir starters we have follow the same steps; the only difference is that it needs a lower temperature. If you are able to deliver it the kefir will have a liquid texture, as it supposed to be.

If you used maker and incubated the kefir at higher temperature, you will obtain a thicker texture and yogurt-like kefir.

If the taste is too mild, please slightly increase the incubation time or re-culture it for bit longer, as this will deliver a sharper taste. If the taste is too sour, then please reduce the incubation time for your next try.

In case the temperature is higher and the taste is sour, but the texture is liquid, you will have to change the brand of milk with another brand of whole milk for your next batch.

If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at or on our Facebook or Twitter account, or use our YogurtApp.

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