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How to use the yogurtmaker right when making yoghurt and kefir at home with a freeze-dried starter?

Please consider the fact that yogurt makers are made to re-culture yogurt or to make yogurt or kefir with already made yogurt/kefir as a starter which are activated by the manufacturer.

  • ‘’Activation’’ is the process when you make yogurt/kefir with freeze-dried starter and milk.

  • ‘’Re-cultivation’’ is the process when you make yogurt/kefir with already made yoghurt/kefir as a starter and milk.

The yogurt markers will definitely produce the first batch, but in order to activate the starter or make the first batch, you need to give it more time, due to the stages of fermentation. These are different for the first batch and the second consequent one.

In general, the second batch sets quicker and it is much more predictable when it comes to timing because it skips the first stage of fermentation, which takes longer to set.

So, to make sure that everything works out right, always use whole dairy milk, free of preservatives and additives. Then, depending on the maker you use, follow these tips:

1. Electric yogurtmaker with many jars – please remove or leave the lids loose, to improve temperature distribution;

2. The single jar yogurt making devices have a better temperature distribution, as everything is one single place, so just allow time to ferment – you do not have to do anything else.

If you use a non-electric yogurt making device or any kind of hot water flask – please change the water with a slightly hotter one after 10-12 hours, if the yogurt has not set and it needs more time. Do not use boiling water, as it can kill the bacteria at this stage and ruin your yogurt/kefir.

If you use a traditional method with no device – please add one or two bottles with very hot water next to the container with the yogurt mix and wrap them with thick towels or a blanket. Then place it in a warm spot and replace the bottles when the water gets cold, after 10-12 hours.

When you re-culture the milk with a ready yogurt or kefir as a starter, you do not need to do any of the above, as fermentation is much quicker and it will be completed after just a few hours.

For more info, please visit our website, blog, forum, and YogurtApp, or check out the other videos which will explain the fermentation stages.

• www.yogurtathome.com

• forum.yogurtathome.com

• https://www.yogurtathome.com/blog

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