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Fermented Milk Products from All Over the World. Aludttej (Hungary)

Aludttej is fresh milk that is left to ferment naturally, without intervening in the process in any other way. Practically, fresh milk is taken, preferably whole milk would be best, in this case, placed in a container, ideally made out of glass or clay, and left to spoil. This fermentation process takes place at room temperature, on its own, due to the good bacteria contained in the milk. This is why pasteurized milk is not so good in this case, as bringing the milk close to the boiling point will destroy the bacteria, and the milk will go bad at room temperature, but without fermenting and turning into delicious aludttej. It takes several days for milk to ferment, although it is recommended to check the container daily so that it won’t ferment for too long and get too sour. This can happen especially during summer days when the temperature is higher.

The texture and aludttej are similar to kefir and it is highly refreshing have it cold, in particular when it is hot outside. It is worth knowing that sour cream is also forming during this process, at the top part of the container, where the fat of the milk is gathering. If you want to collect it, you should know that it is ready after just one day of fermentation, while the aludttej needs more to be ready.

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