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Fermented Milk Products from All Over the World. Kefiri (κεφίρι)

Kefiri is actually kefir, but, this time, prepared in the Greek way. Dairy products are present in the diet of the Greeks, so it’s no wonder they prepare kefiri and consume it with such pleasure. While kefiri is mainly enjoyed for breakfast, with bread, bagels, seeds, or fruits, it can also be prepared in a more liquid form, suitable for drinking, or it can be used as topping for various desserts, such as crepes.

Kefiri is easy to make, but it will require a starter culture that will transform the milk into kefiri. If you have a previous batch of kefiri grains then this is the best way to make another bath with fresh milk. You can use both whole farm milk and the milk that can usually be found in supermarkets, as the kefiri grains are not picky when it comes to their food. The kefiri grains have to be placed in the fresh milk and then the mixture poured into a glass jar. It is recommended to cover the jar, to keep dust and bugs from entering it. But, you should know that the way to put the lid on the jar will determine how acidulated your kefiri will be. The tighter the lid is on the jar, the more acidulated the kefiri will become. So, if you don’t like it acidulated, then cover the jar with a piece of clean cloth. Leave the jar on a countertop for one day, or even 36 hours, depending on how fast the fermentation process takes place and how you like your kefiri to be.

Once the fermentation process is over, the kefiri is usually strained, so that it will get a thick yogurt-like consistency. Of course, if you like it thinner, more like a syrup, you are the one to decide how much of it you will strain, or whether you will strain it at all. Just do remember that a few grains of this batch of kefiri will help you start another one. Just do remember to place the jar of kefiri in the fridge after it’s done, so you can enjoy it for the coming days.

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