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Making Crème Fraîche at home using starter cultures or ready yogurt and kefir

Making Crème Fraîche at home using starter cultures or ready yogurt and kefir
Crème Fraîche

It is famous all around Europe under different names. It is also called Crème Fraiche, Fresh Cream, Sour Cream, Crema Fresca in Spain or Smetana in Eastern Europe.

It has a slightly soured flavour and can be a beneficial ingredient in French Cuisine and many desserts. It is similar to sour cream but not that sharp in taste. It can be made like yoghurt, but double or heavy cream is used instead of milk.

You will need the following:

  • 1L of double or heavy cream

  • Starter cultures 1 or ready yoghurt or ready kefir. If ready yoghurt or ready kefir are used, they can reduce the incubation time to 3-6 hours only.

  • Electric or non-electric yoghurt maker, multicooker or any device that can maintain a temperature of 30-40C degrees for 12-18 hours

  1. Pour the heavy or double cream into a bowl or any container. Warm it to lukewarm but not hot.

  2. Add the starter and stir well for about 3-5 min.

  3. Transfer to the yogurt maker or your multicooker, or any incubation device that you might have(hot water flask, for example)

  4. Incubate at 30-40C degrees for 12-18 hours(when a freeze-dried starter is used or 3-6 hours if ready yogurt(ready kefir) is used as a starter. Keep an eye on the mix with no stirring or shaking after the 12th hour(freeze-dried starter is used) or after 3rg hour(if ready, yoghurt or kefir are used)

  5. When ready, the cream should be as thick as creamy yogurt.

  6. Refrigerate with a closed lid to avoid contamination. Like yogurt, refrigeration will improve the flavour and, after some time, will gradually enhance the taste.



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