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Fermented Milk Products From All Over the World • Amabere amaruranu (Kenya)

Amabere amaruranu is a fermented milk product made by the Kisii people of Kenya, out of cow’s milk. The milk is boiled first, allowed to cool down, and poured in a special gourd where it will be allowed to ferment. While in most cases the fermentation takes place naturally, without the intervention of man, there are situations in which fermented milk that was previously made is added to the fresh milk in the gourd. Amabere amaruranu can be successfully stored for longer periods and it is usually served with savory dishes, like porridges made out of millet or maize flour. Concerning the bacteria present in amabere amaruranu, Streptococcus thermophiles are the dominant species, although Lactobacillus bulgaricus subsp. bulgaricus, Leuconostoc mesenteroides subsp. mesenteroides, Lactobacillus plantarum, and Lactobacillus helveticus were also found. Besides bacteria, yeasts were also found in the content of this fermented product, such as Candida, Saccharomyces, and Trichosporon. No moulds were present whatsoever.



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