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Fermented Milk Products from All Over the World. Boruga ( Dominican Republic)

Boruga is a drink made out of fermented milk, specific to the Dominican Republic, although some say that it has Caribbean roots. It is a combination of a liquid with coagulated lumps, pretty much like adding cottage cheese to yogurt, mixing them up, but with a much sweeter flavor. The product is highly appreciated in hot weather, served icy cold. The acidity and sour taste are refreshing, while the sweetness, due to the added sugar before the fermentation process starts, makes it enjoyable. In the Dominican Republic, this is a much-appreciated alternative to soda, usually sold in small booths on the side of the road, which serve boruga in small disposable plastic glasses. So yes, the whole milk is cultured with starters that are meant to begin the fermentation process and form the clogged lumps that were mentioned earlier. Sugar is also added, to sweeten the product, and, in some occasions, which depends on the recipe, natural flavors can also be added, like fruity flavors.

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