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Why should I make cheese and other dairy products at home

Fermentation is “controlled spoilage” as different techniques speed up or slow down a particular process. Depending on the control, the fermentation can create a range of flavours from very mild to super strong and sometimes even intolerable. On the other hand, if you control the “spoilage” too well, the flavours could be almost non-existent, although with a long shelf life.

This could be very useful when using large quantities of milk or requesting a long shelf life, but this rarely suits the people who might prefer a full-bodied, rich or traditional flavour.

On the other hand, this can take time and effort and some failures are possible along the way. It is recommended to take notes during cheese preparation to correct the error on your next try

Some of the products like Mascarpone and Crème Fraîche are made in the same way as yogurt in which the milk is replaced by the heavy or double cream.

Other like Butter needs a food processor or mixer and double and heavy cream.

Quite many are made like yoghurt but rennet is added.

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