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Fermented Milk Products from All Over the World • Soured milk (including "acidofilne" milk

Sour milk or Zsiadłe Mleko, as the Polish may call it, is actually milk that is left to get sour on its own, by being left in pots or glasses on a countertop in the kitchen, and then placed in the fridge and enjoyed in the days that follow. This works easier with whole, farm milk, due to the fact that it already contains the good bacteria that start the fermentation process and turns the milk sour. In case of modern, pasteurized milk, you will have to bring the milk to a boil, allow it to cool down until is warm enough without the risk of burning the skin on your hand, so you can do this test to see if the milk has the right temperature. If it does, then you should add a small quantity of kefir to it and allow it to do its job. Once the milk thickened and got a slightly sour taste, it is time to move the containers or glasses in the fridge. Also, it is worth knowing that in Poland, sour milk is usually served as a side dish or sauce of various meals. In fact, a so-called “dish for kings” is considered a plate with boiled and sliced potatoes, which were spiced with salt, a bit of butter, and some chopped dill, and served together with a bowl or sour milk. But, you can easily enjoy it for breakfast or as an ingredient for fruity shakes.

A more detailed recipe for making Polish sour milk is as followed. Ideally, you should use whole milk for making sour milk, as it makes it creamier when it thickens. Thus, you will need a quart of whole milk, which should be poured into a glass or ceramic bowl or container. Try to avoid metal containers as they can spoil the taste. For culturing the milk, add in it either a half of cup of sour cream or one cup of buttermilk that was cultured previously. Then, with the help of a whisk, stir well to mix the ingredients and make the content homogenous. Place the container in a warm spot, where the temperature should be, in an ideal case, around 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Cover it with a clean cloth to prevent dust from getting inside and allow it to sit for the next 24 hours. It is important not to disturb the milk during this period. After the 24 hours pass, the milk should have the consistency of a light pudding. If so, place the bowl in the fridge and enjoy it as you like.

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