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Fermented Milk Products From All Over the World • Kiselo mleko (Serbia)

Kiselo mleko is, in Serbia, a type of thick yogurt that can be easily eaten with a spoon. Traditionally, it is made out of sheep’s milk, although other types of milk can also be used for the making of kiselo mleko. Some say that sheep’s milk is best due to its taste, but this is a matter of personal preferences. The truth is that the fatter the milk is, the better kiselo mleko will be, as the fat in milk gives the final product its creaminess and sweetness. Of course, you can use low-fat milk as well, if you want, but don’t expect the product to be too thick. To make kiselo mleko, you can use special yogurt starters or a tablespoon of your favorite yogurt. Just make sure to pick plain yogurt if you want your recipe to succeed.

When making kiselo mleko, it is important to remember that the milk should not be boiled. Milk has its own useful bacteria, which are even more present in raw milk, which should not be destroyed. So, just warm up the milk in a pot gradually, until it reaches 190 to 200 degrees Fahrenheit, stirring it from time to time. Once the temperature is reached, turn off the heat and allow the milk to cool down. When it reaches 120 degrees Fahrenheit, it is time to culture it with the starter or tablespoon of plain yogurt. So, keep an eye on the milk’s temperature, as it doesn’t have to be too cold or too hot. Then place the cultured milk in a container, preferably made out of glass, and cover it with a lid. Keep the container warm by wrapping it in blankets or by placing it in hot water.

If you have a mini cooler, you can use it as its thick walls will not allow the water to cool down, especially if you close its lid, keeping the milk warm for hours. Kiselo mleko will be ready after just 8 to 10 hours of fermentation. Just don’t let it ferment for too long as it will get too sour. As a tip, save two tablespoons of your freshly-made batch of kiselo mleko in order to culture another batch soon.

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