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Fermented Milk Products from All Over the World • Lassi (Pakistan)


In Pakistan, and most of the Indian continent, lassi is a highly appreciated beverage based on yogurt. Practically, Pakistanians love mixing yogurt with water and various spices, even fruits, in order to create a sweet or salty drink that is both nutritious and nourishing. The simplest way to make lassi is to mix water, yogurt, and salt to taste, as this is the way that lassi is most commonly made in the majority of households in Pakistan. Of course, do let your imagination free when preparing your favorite version of lassi and don’t hesitate to try a glass made with roasted ground cumin, saffron, mint, and other spices, or with sugar, mango, strawberries, lemon, and other flavors you may enjoy.

A quick research for lassi recipes, you will notice that this yogurt-based beverage that began being prepared in Punjab, India, can be made in a wide variety of manners. It doesn’t matter if you would like it salty, sweet, or both of them, as there is a mix for everybody. Also, the best way to serve this beverage is cold, so don’t forget to allow it to sit in the fridge before serving it. If you have a blender, plain yogurt, salt or sugar, spices or fruits, and a couple of ice cubes if you want, you can prepare lassi whenever you want. Just add yogurt and water, and salt or sugar to taste, in the blender, and allow them to mix together until the beverage froths. In the end, add your spices or fruit bits and mix a bit more. Chill in the fridge and serve with ice and enjoy the refreshing sensation lassi can give you.

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