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Fermented Milk Products from All Over the World. Rūgpienis (Lithuania)

Rūgpienis means “sour milk” in Lithuania and it is highly appreciated in the cuisine of this country. It has both sweet and sour taste and a thick consistency, being made with the help of lactic acid streptococci that ferment the milk and change its initial taste and texture. It is slightly acidic, although no air bubbles are contained by this dairy product. Milk can ferment naturally if left at room temperature for a while, although rūgpienis made in an industrial manner means that bacterial cultures are added to the fresh milk so that the process takes place faster. Although many consume sour milk as a snack or for breakfast, in Lithuania it is widely used in cooking. It is served with mashed potatoes, with bread, fish dishes, and in other savory combinations, pretty much like sour cream in other parts of the world.

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