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Fermented Milk Products from All Over the World. Ariani (αριάνι)

With its origins in Turkey, where it is called “ayran”, ariani came to Greece due to the inhabitants that had Turkish origins and learned how to make this fermented milk product from their parents or grandparents. In a climate that tends to be rather dry and hot, especially during the warm season, ariani is a great product to have around. Served cold, even with ice cubes, ariani is incredibly refreshing and can quench your thirst better than any brand of soda you’ll try. But, what is it more precisely? Ariani is a type of drinkable yogurt, if we can call it this way, due to the rather liquid form that makes it look more like a beverage than anything else. When enjoying ariani, don’t expect a sweet taste, but one that is mildly sour and a bit salty, so some may need a while to get used to the flavor.

If we get into more details, we will see that ariani is actually thinned Greek yogurt, by adding water to its composition. Yes, you will need plain Greek yogurt, water, and a pinch of salt, and, optional, you can add a few leaves of mint. For 2 cups of Greek yogurt, you will have to add 2 cups of water and mix the ingredients in a blender. The salt and mint are added according to your preferences. It is best served cold and with ice, and will certainly chase away the effects of the scorching heat in the summer. Some say that it is a great beverage for restoring electrolyte balance in the body after a workout. The truth is that ariani is very healthy and, considering its content, it can replenish your body’s sodium, calcium, potassium, and bicarbonate levels. If you like the flavor of yogurt, most certainly you will enjoy ariani as well, especially since it is softer, as it is diluted yogurt.

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