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Fermented Milk Products from All Over the World. Sauermilch or Dickmilch (soured milk or thickened m

Sauermilch or Dickmilch, which mean soured milk or thickened milk, is actually fresh milk that was left to ferment, in a natural manner, by being left in a warm spot for one or two days. The milk contains sugar and good bacteria, which will automatically start the fermentation process if the right conditions are met. In other words, the milk spoils, although this doesn’t mean that it can’t be consumed. On the contrary, this is the sauermilch or dickmilch we are talking about. After the milk thickened, without doing anything but leaving it in a warm place, you will have to gently remove the whey and keep the coagulated mass to be enjoyed as thickened milk. To make your dickmilch last longer, you can add a slight quantity of lemon juice or vinegar into the fresh milk, before allowing it to ferment. The increased acidity won’t just favor the fermentation process, but will also prevent harmful bacteria from developing into the final product, which means more days for you to enjoy the soured milk. If you want to shorten the fermentation process, all you need to do is add a bit of yogurt to the fresh milk, before placing it into a warm spot. This way, you will only have to leave it to ferment for approximately 8 hours, depending on how well the milk thickens. You will know that the product is ready when it turns into a thick coagulated mass, similar to jelly, which comes off the walls of the container. In Germany, thickened milk is consumed for breakfast, with grated rye bread and, optional, a tablespoon or raw sugar or sugar mixed with cinnamon.

Fotos: © Birgit Weidner-Kirsch

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