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Fermented Milk Products from All Over the World. Rūgpienis (Lithuania)

Rūgpienis means “sour milk” in Lithuania and it is highly appreciated in the cuisine of this country. It has both sweet and sour taste and a thick consistency, being made with the help of lactic acid streptococci that ferment the milk and change its initial taste and texture. It is slightly acidic, although no air bubbles are contained by this dairy product. Milk can ferment naturally if left at room temperature for a while, although rūgpienis made in an industrial manner means that bacterial cultures are added to the fresh milk so that the process takes place faster. Although many consume sour milk as a snack or for breakfast, in Lithuania it is widely used in cooking. It is served with mas

Fermented Milk Products from All Over the World. Skābputra(Latvia)

Skābputra means “sour porridge”, being a dish made out of sour milk. For those that don’t live in Latvia and never tried this kind of food, skābputra can turn out to be something that inedible, as it can be a rather awkward culinary experience. But, Latvians do enjoy their sour milk dishes and will prepare skābputra each time they have the chance. In the country, this particular recipe is an extremely old one, being prepared since ancient times and ending up being one of the oldest culinary customs in Latvia. Still, it is worth mentioning that skābputra cannot be found throughout the entire country, as it is a time of food based on curds consumed mostly in the west part. It is not difficult

Fermented Milk Products from All Over the World. Kefīrs (Latvia)

The kefir, known as kefīrs in Latvia, is believed to appear in the Caucasus area a very long time ago, being known in Russia since the 18th century. Kefir is obtained through the natural fermentation of milk, left at room temperature, although modern kefīrs is obtained through introducing bacteria cultures of kefir grains in the fresh milk. The kefir grains contain both bacteria and yeasts, which promote the milk’s fermentation process in a rather short time. Considering that Latvia is known for its farming activities, it is only natural for kefīrs to be a popular fermented milk product in this country. In fact, there are even traditional food exhibits in Latvia where farmers are invited to

Fermented Milk Products from All Over the World. Rūgušpiens (Latvia)

Rūgušpiens is something similar to the kefir you can find in most countries, as it has a sour, soft, and rather liquid consistency. This fermented milk product from Latvia has quite a story around its appearance. Glass jars weren’t always available, so, back in the days, people in Latvia used leather bags to prepare rūgušpiens. They used to place the fresh milk in such a bag and leave it to sour naturally, by hanging it on a door. Why on a door? Well, each time someone was opening and closing the door, the content inside the bag got mixed well. After the fermentation process was complete, the fresh milk was transformed into a yogurt-like drink, sour, sparkly, and even with a slight amount of

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