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How to choose the perfect milk for homemade yogurt and kefir?

This is very simple. Take the cheapest whole (full-fat)dairy milk, with short shelf life, stored in a shop’s refrigerator. If you have your own cow in the backyard, you will not have this dilemma and can start making yogurt and milk kefir straight way. Always check the content of the milk and make sure that there are no any added ingredients, like flavours and other additives. You will definitely not be able to obtain yogurt with chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry flavoured milk. You will also not be able to obtain yogurt with any vegetarian milk except soy milk (in the natural way). However, you can use homogenised and long-lived brands of milk, only if they are whole and they are free of pr

How to re-culture yogurt and/or Kefir?

Yogurt and kefir are made through the fermentation of whole dairy milk, triggered by lacto bacteria and combination of lactobacteria and yeast in the case of Kefir. When using freeze-dried starter, the bacteria is introduced into a state of “hibernation” for long-term preservation, you will need to awake them first to make yogurt. This may take a bit longer, but when it’s done the obtained yogurt is called “mother culture” and it is one degree creamier and usually milder in taste. You can take anywhere between 1 teaspoon to 3 tablespoons from the first batch or “mother culture” and mix with whole milk for another batch of yogurt. Then incubate for just 3-6 hours or a bit more if needed. Once

How to make yogurt and kefir with vegan milk?

Yogurt and kefir are dairy food/drinks made through the bacterial fermentation of milk, which is triggered by lacto bacteria (lacto from Latin=dairy milk). The whole milk coming from cows, sheep, goats, and especially buffalo, is the only medium that can deliver thick and nicely flavoured yogurt. This is due to the fact that whole milk can provide the ideal food and environment lacto bacteria needs – and this precisely why it is called “lacto” bacteria. The only plant-derived milk exception here is Soy milk, free of preservatives and additives. This milk can deliver a thick substitute for yoghurt with a slightly “grassy” flavour, as described by some. Almond and coconut milk, as well as oat

How does lactose intolerance affect health?

In addition to causing unpleasant symptoms, lactose intolerance may affect people’s health if it keeps them from consuming enough essential nutrients, such as calcium and vitamin D. People with lactose intolerance may not get enough calcium if they do not eat calcium-rich foods or do not take a dietary supplement that contains calcium. Milk and milk products are major sources of calcium and other nutrients in the diet. Calcium is essential at all ages for the growth and maintenance of bones. A shortage of calcium intake in children and adults may lead to bones that are less dense and can easily fracture later in life, a condition called osteoporosis. Eating, Diet, and Nutrition People may

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