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Fermented Milk Products From All Over the World • Kule Naoto (Kenya)

Kule Naoto is a fermented milk product prepared by the Maasai community of Kenya. The people here are used to growing cattle, preparing this particular product out of cow’s milk. The raw milk is poured into special gourds, made out of special fruit, called Lagenaria siceraria, which has its pulp removed, cleaned, dried, and treated. The milk is then left to naturally ferment in this vessel. It is worth mentioning both the gourd and milk receive a special treatment before this process starts. Thus, fresh cow’s blood is added into the milk while the gourd is rubbed, on the inside, with a stick coming from the Olea Africana tree that was previously burned. It takes approximately 5 days for the milk to ferment, at room temperature. Once Kule Naoto is ready, it is gently shaken before being taken out of its container. The Maasai people consume this product in large quantities, an individual drinking up to 2 to 3 litres of Kule Naoto in one single day. Besides its particular flavour, this fermented milk product is also appreciated due to the fact that the Maasai see it as being beneficial for their health.

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