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Fermented Milk Products from All Over the World. Tjukkmjølk (Norway)

Considering the fact that Norway has wide pastures with green grass to feed the cows, the people in this country are very fond of old dairy traditions and recipes. Many artisans are doing their best to keep the old tastes of Norway alive, in spite of the fact that almost anything these days is industrially produced. Tjukkmjølk, which can be translated as “thick milk”, is one of the most appreciated products made out of fermented milk. This particular recipe comes from Røros, a town in Norway known for its copper mining history and one of the two towns in the country that were declared “mining towns”. With a history that goes back 150 years, tjukkmjølk’s name comes from a plant, which is the

Fermented Milk Products from All Over the World. Surmelk or kulturmelk (Norway)

Surmelk or kulturemelk in Norway can be translated as “cultured milk”and it is almost the same like Filmjölk in Sweden. In both cases, we are talking about fermented milk products that have a slightly sour taste, due to the fact that bacteria consumed the sugar in the milk and a more clogged consistency than fresh milk. In the case of whole fresh milk, taken from farmers, surmelk occurs naturally, due to the presence of good bacteria in the milk and the fermentation process. But, in the case of modern, pasteurized milk, culturing must be done by man, so that the right bacteria are introduced into the milk and create the desired fermented product. Lactic acid bacteria are responsible for the

Kefir starter vs. Kefir grains - Pros and Cons

Watch the video on YouTube Milk kefir is a fermented dairy drink made by the fermentation of dairy milk, which is triggered by lactobacteria and yeast which, then, creates a similar texture to drinkable yogurt. The main difference between kefir and yogurt is in their microbiological composition as the yogurt contains lactobacteria only as ‘’Lactobacillus Bulgaricus’’ and ‘’Streptococcus thermophilus’’ but it could have some Bifido or other species as many refer to this enhanced combination as a ‘’probiotic yogurt’’. The milk kefir is fermented frequently at room temperature and the results are, usually, slightly sour and sometimes carbonated due to the yeast that

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