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Fermented Milk Products from All Over the World. Skyr (Iceland)

For almost 1000 years, skyr is made in Iceland, is one of the most favorite dairy products of this Nordic country. It is rather hard to determine what skyr is, with precision, since it is classified as a type of cheese, due to its properties and consistency, although many consider it a type of yogurt. It is believed that this product made out of fermented milk is 1000 years old, being part of the Icelandic cuisine for as long as anybody can remember. Because it is a fermented product, after all, skyr has the slightly sour taste most products of the kind have, but the difference is that it leaves a pleasantly sweet aftertaste, which makes it so special. The traditional way of enjoying skyr is

How to modulate the taste of homemade yogurt and milk kefir

The yogurt and milk kefir are diary drinks/food made through milk fermentation and triggered by the lactobacterial cultures only- for yogurt, and lactobacterial cultures plus yeast for kefir. The lacto bacteria, and yeast for kefir, consumes the lactose in the milk and the side product generated during this process, called lactic acid is the one that thickens the fat globules in the milk and delivers flavour to the yogurt and milk kefir. When making yogurt with a freeze-dried starter you need to awake the bacteria in the starter, as they are hibernating. For this, you need to make the first batch of yogurt. It will take longer than usual, but at the end it will be milder in taste and creamy.

How to make thick homemade yoghurt at home?

Yogurt and kefir are diary drinks/food made through milk fermentation triggered by the lacto bacterial cultures in the case of yogurt and lacto bacterial cultures and yeast in case of kefir. The lacto bacteria and yeast for kefir utilize lactose in the milk as food. The obtained side product is called ‘’lactic acid’’ and is responsible for thickening the fat globules in the dairy milk and giving yogurt its flavour. The first batch, so called “mother culture”, will almost always be creamier and milder in taste than the following batches of yogurt. So, how to control the texture? Choose the right kind of milk. The milk needs to be whole (full-fat) dairy milk. If you add a bit of cream to it, y

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