Instant tips. What about the Yoghurt and Kefir fat content and dieting?

November 15, 2018


Yogurt and kefir are some of the best-balanced foods in the world, but only when they are consumed simple and plain, with no added sugar and additives, such as nuts, flavours, and other additional ingredients.


Authentic yogurt always needs to be made with whole (full-fat) milk. The reason for this is that the thick texture is produced by the fat contained by the milk. During fermentation, the bacteria consume the lactose in the milk and the produce a side component called “lactic acid”, which thickens the solids in the milk. The solids are actually fat globules in the milk. If there is no fat in the milk, then there is nothing to be thickened, so the yogurt will come out with a rather liquid texture.


Also, when lactose is missing, there is no food available for the bacteria and, therefore, less ‘’lactic acid’’ will be produced. Thus, this quantity may not be enough to thicken the fat globules in the milk.


If you wish to make yogurt at home, use whole milk at all times, free of preservatives and additives, and consume it plain. This will guarantee a balanced body weight and, at the same time, will introduce the healthy lacto bacteria into your system.


Since ancient times, when yogurt started to be consumed, and up to our days, there is no evidence that you can put on weight if you consume it plain and simple.

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