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Fermented Milk Products from All Over the World. Leche agria (Nicaragua)

In Nicaragua, leche agria means “sour milk”. In other words, the milk goes sour, due to the fermentation process triggered by the lactobacillus bacteria, which changes its taste and slightly its structure as well. So, leche agria is sour milk that reaches this stage in a natural manner, especially when left at room temperature, having a slightly sour taste and a more coagulated consistency. Some call this “spoiled milk”, especially when they are not accustomed to the product and taste, but leche agria contains nothing but good bacteria and can be consumed with no fear. In Nicaragua, leche agria is mostly served during breakfast, with a slice of bread or tortilla.

Fermented Milk Products from All Over the World. Karnemelk (buttermilk) Netherlands

The Dutch people are known for their love for milk and dairy products, so don’t be surprised when you hear that karnemelk, the Dutch version of buttermilk, is the most popular assortment of milk in the country. In fact, if you are visiting the country and you don’t want to blend in with the crowd, especially at noon, all you have to do is grab along with a simple sandwich with cheese and a box of buttermilk. You can find it in any store, packed in the same way as regular milk. Just like in the case of regular buttermilk, karnemelk is obtained after the churning of butter. It is the liquid that is left behind after this process is completed, having a slightly sour taste and a thicker consiste

Fermented Milk Products from All Over the World. Khuruud (Mongolia)

Khuruud is a type of hard cheese prepared in Mongolia, which is made to last for a very long time without being stored in a fridge. Most people in Mongolia are nomads and they are constantly on the move, as their guide their livestock to better pastures. Thus, when they settle, it isn’t for long, which led to the creation of foods that can be preserved well without needing special conditions and are sufficiently nutritious at the same time. Khuruud is one of those foods, a cheese that it is so hard that it can’t be eaten as it is and requires soaking in tea or water before being consumed. In order to make khuruud, you need to prepare aarts, which is another kind of Mongolian fermented milk p

Fermented Milk Products from All Over the World. Tarag (Mongolia)

In Mongolia, tarag is the traditional yogurt, made mainly from the milk coming from yaks or cows. Yaks are more comfortable in the climatic conditions of Mongolia, being sturdy animals that can easily migrate from one location to another. While it is true that goat or sheep milk can also be used for the making of tarag, these types of milk are rarely used, as there is the need for special conditions to be met in order to milk goats or sheep. The first step in making tarag is to boil the milk. Then good bacteria is added from previous batches, but only when the milk cooled down sufficiently. If the milk is warm enough but it doesn’t burn your hand, then it means that it is right to introduce

Fermented Milk Products from All Over the World. Byaslag (Mongolia)

Byaslag is a type of cheese from Mongolia, which is dried outside, on the rooftops, in order to be enjoyed for longer. So, in spite of the fact that byaslag looks like a matured cheese, it is not aged, as its aspect and hard texture is given by its drying process. In fact, some pieces of byaslag have to be soaked up in warm tea before eating, as they are very dry and hard. This particular cheese is mainly made out of yak’s milk, as these animals are among the favorite of the Mongolians. Still, mare’s, goat’s, or sheep’s milk can also be used, but are not too frequent because goats and sheep, for example, cannot be milk anywhere. The taste of the byaslag is not too strong or special, due to t

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