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Fermented Milk Products from All Over the World. Airag (Mongolia)

The Mongolians are known to be a nomadic people, so the animals they mostly rely on are the horses. They provide their mean for transportation, as they move their settlements around, companionship, but also their food. So, airag is a fermented product made out of mare’s milk. Due to the fact that horses are so important for Mongolians, it is only natural for airag to be considered the national beverage of the country. It is interesting to know that Mongolians rarely consume raw mare’s milk, not because it is bad, but mostly because it can act as a mild laxative. Thus, during fermentation, the lactose in the mare’s milk is destroyed, making airag a much better tolerated product by the digesti

Fermented Milk Products from All Over the World. Jocoque (Mexico)

Jocoque or jocoqui is a product based on fermented milk, specific to the Mexican cuisine. Back in the days, when pasteurized milk did not exist, jocoque was made by leaving fresh milk in a pot made out of clay, near a heat source, such as the stove, chimney, or next to open fire. This way, the milk started curdling, changing not just its structure but also its taste. These days, because industrial manufacturing of jocoque involves the use of pasteurized milk, various bacterial cultures must be introduced into the milk, to favor the curdling process. As for consistency, jocoque is somewhere between cheese and yogurt, being rather thick and creamy, similar to fresh cheese. The liquid is someti

Fermented Milk Products from All Over the World. Kiselo mleko (Macedonia)

As anywhere on the Balkans the Yogurt is know here as well under the name ''Kiselo mleko'' or close to the way Bulgarians call it. Kiselo mleko is sour milk or yogurt as some will call it, in Macedonia. There is also the soleno kiselo mleko, which is the salty version of this fermented milk product. Back in the days, kiselo mleko was mainly made out of sheep’s milk, as there were many herds of sheep on the country’s green pastures, and the product was made in the first half of September, before the lactation period of the animals ended. This way, kiselo mleko represented the ideal alternative to cheese and fresh milk that was destined to be consumed during the cold season. These days, cow’s

Fermented Milk Products from All Over the World. Kefyras (Lithuania)

The kefir is popular here as well and in Lithuania is called kefyras which means kefir, being one of the oldest fermented milk products we know. Kefyras is a bit more liquid than yogurt, which makes it easier to drink and enjoy on the way. Back in the days, kefyras used to be prepared in leather bags, as it was noticed, accidentally, that when milk was stored for longer periods in this kind of bags, it started fermenting and transforming into a different thing. Shepherds started enjoying this sour beverage and, in order to make sure that the soured milk was mixed well during the making process, they used to hang these leather bags on the door, so that each time someone passed through there t

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