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Fermented Milk Products from All Over the World. Dadiah (Indonesia)

Dadiah or Dadih is a fermented milk product that can be found in Indonesia and West Sumatra. Buffalo milk is used for the making of dadiah, although not just the milk is special but also its preparation process as well. The buffalo milk is taken fresh and poured into tubes made out of bamboo. The whole milk is not heated or prepared in any other way. Then, the bamboo tubes are covered with banana leaves, for protection, and the milk is allowed to ferment in a spontaneous manner, at room temperature. The fermentation process does not take longer than 2 days. Thus, dadiah is made by the lactic bacteria that can be naturally found in the milk of buffalos, although some think that the bacteria m

Fermented Milk Products from All Over the World. Shrikhand (India)

While in India, you may want to try a particular type of dessert, called shrikhand, which is made by using strained yogurt. So yes, this is a sweet kind of yogurt, with a thick consistency, made out of whole fermented milk. In India, this is the kind of dessert that is prepared for the occasion of various celebrations, lush feasts, or when people get together, like for the Sunday meal. It is not complicated to prepare shrikhand, but it does require time and patience if you want for this particular dessert to come out just right. Before allowing the milk to ferment, it is usually boiled first, to allow its water content to evaporate, making it fattier. But, it is also a common practice to add

Fermented Milk Products from All Over the World. Mishti doi (India)

Did you ever try sweetened yogurt? Well, mishti doi is a type of sweet yogurt from India, made out of milk and added sugar. While it is considered a yogurt assortment, mishti is quite different from the regular sweet yogurt you may have tried, due to its making process. Besides sugar, jaggery is also used, which is traditional cane sugar that has not been centrifuged. As mentioned earlier, the making of mishti doi is special. It starts with the boiling of milk, which is kept at high temperature until it gets thicket. Then it is sweetened with sugar, jaggery, brown sugar, or date molasses, and left to ferment throughout the night. It is worth mentioning that only containers made out of clay a

Fermented Milk Products from All Over the World. Mattha (India)

Mattha is a beverage based on buttermilk or yogurt, to which sugar or spices are added, depending on the preferred flavors. Thought to aid digestion, mattha is a beverage that is usually enjoyed before a meal or after it, but it is not unusual for it to be served during a meal as well. This beverage is somewhat similar to chaas, but it is spicier than it and slightly thicker. It is said that mattha started to be made due to the fact that the liquid which remained after the churning of butter was consumed back in the day as a treatment for stomach issues. But, besides this, this liquid was also seen as a way to refresh the body when the weather outside was hot. Thus, Indian buttermilk began t

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