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How to make Yogurt at home with Instant Pot.

Many people have asked how to make yoghurt in the Instant Pot. Please consider the fact that the Yoghurt Function of the Instant Pot do exactly the same as any Yoghurt making device. It keeps the temperature between 37 - 45 ° C (99-113°F) for the time you set. Please follow the steps below and let us know if you have further questions Step 1: BOIL the WHOLE dairy milk First Please boil the milk in the microwave in a flat container for 20 min. In this way the milk cannot burn as in the same time the water in it will evaporate. You can use stove or any other device however the microwave is the quickest and hassle-free method. Step 2: COOL THE MILK down to Lukewarm: It usually takes between 30

The presence of preservatives in the milk

Milk with preservatives in its content must to be avoided. The preservatives are designed to kill bacteria that may live in the milk, so that it can be preserved for longer. However, they will also kill the yogurt and kefir lacto bacteria and yeast, preventing the fermentation process from starting. When choosing milk from the supermarket, always go for the cheapest whole dairy milk you can find in the shop refrigerator, which usually has the shortest shelf live. This will guarantee that the milk did not go through any special treatment with additional ingredients and will increase the probability of a successful fermentation. What about the long-lived milks, homogenized, and so on? Well, th

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