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Fermented Milk Products from All Over the World. Kefiri (κεφίρι)

Kefiri is actually kefir, but, this time, prepared in the Greek way. Dairy products are present in the diet of the Greeks, so it’s no wonder they prepare kefiri and consume it with such pleasure. While kefiri is mainly enjoyed for breakfast, with bread, bagels, seeds, or fruits, it can also be prepared in a more liquid form, suitable for drinking, or it can be used as topping for various desserts, such as crepes. Kefiri is easy to make, but it will require a starter culture that will transform the milk into kefiri. If you have a previous batch of kefiri grains then this is the best way to make another bath with fresh milk. You can use both whole farm milk and the milk that can usually be fou

Fermented Milk Products from All Over the World. Ariani (αριάνι)

With its origins in Turkey, where it is called “ayran”, ariani came to Greece due to the inhabitants that had Turkish origins and learned how to make this fermented milk product from their parents or grandparents. In a climate that tends to be rather dry and hot, especially during the warm season, ariani is a great product to have around. Served cold, even with ice cubes, ariani is incredibly refreshing and can quench your thirst better than any brand of soda you’ll try. But, what is it more precisely? Ariani is a type of drinkable yogurt, if we can call it this way, due to the rather liquid form that makes it look more like a beverage than anything else. When enjoying ariani, don’t expect a

Fermented Milk Products from All Over the World. Xynogalo or Xynogala (ξυνόγαλα) Greece

This is a particular type of homemade kefir prepared in Greece, originally made from goat or sheep’s milk, although in modern days it is made out of cow’s milk. The reason Greeks live such long and healthy lives is believed to be their famous Mediterranean diet, which also includes dairy products, mainly prepared from the previously mentioned animals, and not from cow milk. As scientists found out later, the casein present in goat or sheep’s milk is more suitable for our digestion, has less fat, and it is more nutritious. Thus, xynogalo made out of this types of milk, which is still widely consumed in Greece, promotes a healthy digestive system and, at the same time, a great immune system. #

Fermented Milk Products from All Over the World. Matsoni (Georgia) Caucasus area

Matsoni is a type of yogurt, or soured milk, specific to the Caucasus area. In Georgia, it is called matsoni, while in Armenia it is known as matsun, although they are the same product. To make matsoni, any kind of milk will work, as long as it is fresh. It is believed that people in the area consumed this type soured milk for centuries, as the first time matsoni was mentioned in writings was in documents that come from the 11th century. But, there are high chances that this type of yogurt to be much older than this. It is said that people soured their milk in cold cellars, to use it later on for the making of butter and cheese. It was also consumed a lot as it is, as soured milk was availab

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