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Fermented Milk Products from All Over the World. Qurt

If we are used to seeing most dairy products in a soft and rather liquid form, qurt is different. Specific to Central Asia, commonly found in countries like Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan, qurt is a solid product, served in the form of compact balls. Made out of dried and fermented milk, these balls can be served as they are or the composition can be improved with various spices and herbs. The base of qurt is suzma, which is another dairy product specific to this area of the world, presented in the lines below. The dried milk is formed in the shape of balls and left to dry in the open air for as long as 3 to 5 days. This drains all the water from the product, making it better preserved for a long

Fermented Milk Products from All Over the World. Qatyq

Qatyq or qatiq is a type of fermented milk food specific to Turkey, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, and other Turkic countries. It is also prepared in Bulgaria, but, compared to the qatiq prepared in the previously mentioned countries, where it has a thick liquid form and is considered to be a beverage, in Bulgaria qatiq is much thicker, pretty much like mayonnaise, and it is utilized as a spread for bread. Because of its light nature and slightly sour taste, qatiq is highly appreciated during summertime, as a refreshing beverage. The most important thing to consider when making qatiq is not to allow it to sit too much in a heated area when fermenting. This will make the qatiq go a bit too sour, but

Fermented Milk Products from All Over the World. Chalap and Kumis

Chalap is more a beverage than a yogurt, but it is still a dairy product, as it is made out of fermented milk. The base of chalap is qatiq, a think drink made out of fermented milk, which we will discuss in the following lines. To this base, salt is added for taste and, as a habit brought in by the modern times, carbonated water can be added, for a more refreshing beverage. In the cuisine of Uzbekistan, vegetables are added to chalap, which starts to resemble more like a cold soup in this case. It is a beverage that can be commonly met in Kazakhstan or Kyrgyzstan, where companies even produce and bottle it, just like a brand of soda, selling it in stores or at street corners. Kumis This is a

Fermented Milk Products from All Over the World. Chal/Shubat.

Central Asia Chal and Shubat is the same thing, which is a fermented drink made out of milk, camel milk to be more precise. It looks like yogurt, due to its white color, but it is actually very liquid, suitable for drinking, providing a sparkling sensation and sour flavor. Chal is very popular in Central Asia, where it is mostly consumed during summer, considered very refreshing when the temperatures are rather high. Unfortunately, people that live outside Central Asia cannot taste Chal unless they travel to where it is made, as this product requires special conditions to be made and it is quite perishable, which makes its export impossible. As mentioned before, Chal or Shubat, as it is call

Fermented Milk Products from All Over the World. Leben and Kishk

​ Leben is the traditional yogurt found in the Arabic countries, a fermented milk product that is consumed throughout the day. There are practically no rules when it comes to the refreshing Leben, as they enjoy serving it for breakfast, snack, for lunch, dinner, practically anytime they feel like it. It is not a sweet type of food, which explains its versatility, allowing you to serve Leben with almost anything you like. Some like preparing light summer salads with it, by adding cucumber and garlic, while others like it sweet, served with dates, for example. Or, you can always have it with bread, just as simple as this, and enjoy a tasty and light breakfast. While it may sound exotic, it is

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