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Kefir ''grains'' or freeze-dried kefir starter?

What Is Kefir? Kefir is a fermented dairy drink/food that's similar to yogurt, except the mother culture is both beneficial bacteria and yeast. Yogurt is just beneficial bacteria but no yeast is present. The end result is thinner than yogurt and even a bit effervescent or bubbly, due to the organisms producing more gas as they culture the milk. You can make kefir with raw or pasteurized milk. It's easier than yogurt, really as the temperature can be lower and the temperature variations not that strict. Simply mix your culture (either grains or powder) with 1L of milk, cover your jar, and then incubate at room temperature for 24 to 48 hours (adjusting up or down depending on the season of the

Yogurt and Kefir - probiotics, health and why we get back to the basics?

1. We started out as yogurt consumers, just like you may be, knowing the benefits yogurt can bring to our health. But, knowing that most yogurts on the market are processed, not providing the health benefits we sought, we tried to see if we could find at least one assortment of yogurt available on the market that was unprocessed. We were utterly disappointed we couldn’t find any. A yogurt consumer cannot buy unprocessed yogurt from the supermarket because it won’t find such a variety. What we did find was a wide range of yogurts that had different flavors, yogurts with fruits, granola, or jam, but we did not find a type of yogurt that could enrich our diet with the health benefits brought by

Have you ever thought how yogurt is made or what happen when you add your starter to the milk?

Those questions are popular, but the answer … Let’s start with the basics. What yogurt is? This is fermentation of milk triggered by three factors, Milk or the lactose in the milk, which actually is a food for lacto bacteria (this is the second factor here). Those kinds of bacteria are called ‘’lacto’’ because their food is milk(''lacto'' derived from Latin). Temperature is the 3rd factor. The temperature between 40 and 45 degree Celsius is the best temperature for activation of yogurt. That temperature induces rapid grow and multiplying of the bacteria. The temperature is not a some special temperature, almost all bacteria, all good but also bad ones prefer this temperature, so please make

How homemade yogurt and kefir helps our digestive system?

Everybody should include yogurt and kefir in their daily diets, because these two dairy products bring a lot of benefits to our health. Even if you would normally not tolerate lactose, you should know that you can safely consume these products and it is even recommended to do so, because both yogurt and kefir do not contain much lactose, due to the fermentation process that decomposes this particular sugar. Still, even though the offer of supermarkets is quite generous when it comes to yogurt and kefir, it would be best to prepare these two at home. You need just a few ingredients that are highly affordable and wait for the product to be finished approximately one day, and that’s it. Making

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